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Welcome to Jon Kortajarena´s official website.

Jon Kortajarena became part of the fashion industry as something “temporary” in September 2003. In Spain, Roberto Verino gave him his first job opportunity in Cibeles, nevertheless, his international career leaped a few weeks later when Ellen Von Unwerth chose to use his image for Cavalli’s younger line. His Dream was NYC and that’s just where he went!

Steven Meisel saw him and together, with some of the tops of the moment (R.J. or Tyson Ballou) they put together some amazing photos for Versace.

This Basque was always well received on international runways, slowly making his way up until he became one of the main references in the shows he starred in. Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, John Galliano, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferré, and Cavalli, amongst many others in the fashion industry, used him in their main shows. In 2007, Jon was chosen to star for seven different campaigns for the most prestigious fashion brands.

He often appears in the most important fashion magazines - Vman, POP, V magazine, Vogue Homme, GQ and together with Milan V, they published a whole issue in L´Officiel Homme, with the cover title “200 Pages of Fashion with Jon Kortajarena”. It was the first time a male model had achieved this and consequently it became a reference in the industry.

Besides his shooting career, his grand moment came with Tom Ford. When this fashion genius begins his most personal project, he chooses Jon as his image for at least 7 seasons, some of them exclusively. Tom Ford also opens Jon Kortajarena’s door to the film industry with “A Single Man”, a movie starred by Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.

In 2009, Forbes ranks Kortajarena as the world's eighth top male model and 2010, ranks him as the world´s seven top male models. He has also been given different awards such as Spanish and German GQ men of the year, Marie Claire or Glamour Mexico.

Recently, Jon has worked with Mario Testino for Vman, Stephen Klein for Italian Vogue and Peter Lindbergh for David Yurman with Kate Moss and a wonderful story for Spanish Vogue.

Jon Kortajarena’s HM campaign has travelled the world via TV and on huge printouts of him posing together with top model Daria Werbowy and Anja Rubik, photographed by David Johnson. He also appears in Pepe Jeans campaign with Alexa Chung and stars in 212 VIP Carolina Herrera New York fragrance.

But above all, one of the most satisfying jobs for him is the one he does with "The Climate Project"where the very same Al Gore, former vice president of the U.S.has chosen him to be the face of the foundation "The Climate Project" in Spain and Latin America.

Following the climate project, Jon vigorously engaged himself in the campaign "shows red card to abuser" against domestic violence, launched by the Spanish Misistry of Equality and donated his time for a spacial dinner to benefit the environmental organization OCEANA at the glamorous Christie´s green auction event.

Awards kept coming this year, such as Elle´s Best international Top model while leading the lists of best-dressed and most handsome men around the world.

After breaking into 2010 with ads for H&M, Esprit, two consecutive campaigns for Pepe Jeans and Next, Replay and starred in Lacoste´s new concept, 2011 will end up as his most bombastic year with nine major campaigns:

Tom Ford and David Yurman again, Armani Jeans, 212 VIP Carolina Herrera, H&M, DKNY, Hugo Boss Orange, Breuninger, plus a spectacular commercial for Jean Paul Gaultier´s new perfume, KOKORICO, where he exudes a confident coquetry with the camera, three covers including one for Vogue and two stunning editorials with Sebastian Faena for Vogue and Vman.

Exciting projects coming up...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Se acerca la Navidad y os ofrecemos la forma de conseguir una foto firmada por Jon con tu nombre, o el de la persona que quieras sorprender. Sólo conviértete en uno de los seguidores (followers), y el próximo 3 de enero nos pondremos en contacto con los veinte ganadores. Para futuras noticias nos pondremos en contacto sólo por nuesto guestbook. Este mensaje será borrado en unos días. Gracias por participar..

Christmas is coming and we wish to offer you a way to get a picture signed by Jon himself either with your name on it, or someone´s you would like to surprise. Just become one of the blog´s followers and we will contact the twenty lucky ones next January 3rd. For future notes, we will keep you posted via guestbook. This message will be delated in a few days. Thanks for participating..
With care, 



  1. Could any model be nicer like Jon Kortajarena? This isn't real. Hahahaha. He's really devoted to his die-hard fans. He is true to himself.

  2. que buen concurso! ojala me toque!

  3. Ce serai un super cadeau de Noel! En tout cas moi çà me ferai vraiment très plaisir d'avoir une photo de celui que je trouve le plus craquant au monde et signé de sa main... on y croit! on y croit!!! lol...

  4. "I have a sensation at the present moment as though I was dissolving - I should be exquisitely miserable without the hope of soon seeing you" -Keats

    Of all the people I can imagine, Jon has the most beautiful soul of them all.

    He has absorbed me completely and utterly.
    If anything, I wish for only the hope that on some bewitching day, our lives will cross paths in one way or another. But alas, this world is great and vast. Therefore, I shall dream until that day.

    Again, with love from Texas.

  5. Jon es el mejor modelo me moriria si ganara una de las fotografias..Quiero ganar.!!!

  6. Don't let me be number 21.
    Don't let me be number 21.
    Don't let me be number 21.
    Don't let me be number 21.
    Don't let me be number 21.
    Don't let me be number 21.


    Merry christmas Jon & everyone...

  7. El es mas que guapo. Me encanta su forma de pensar.
    p.d - el concurso es una idea muy buena. )

  8. Uau! No pensé nunca que habría un concurso así y tan cerca de mí sobre mi modelo favorito. Me encantaría tener esa foto firmada pues él me transmite mucho.

    Feliz Navidad ^^

  9. Sería genial poder obtener un regalo asi. Muy buena idea, si señor. Se agradece :D.

    Feliz navidad a todos!

  10. JOYEUX NOEL A JON! et aussi à tous ses fans! passez d'heureux moments en famille et profitez en bien!

  11. Oh that signed poto would be a treasure!

    Especially after I was trying o get H&M Fall/Winter posters with Jon, but was unsuccessful due to H&M policy of destroying promo materials after campaigns... Hard times for Jon's fans, haha ;)

    Feliz Navidad, Jon!

  12. @esauhasket
    look here:

  13. Sería el mejor regalo que me harían estas Navidades...

  14. hi jon, merry christmas and happy new year. i pray for you and your family all th happiness in this world!!!

    as one of your first blog followers, please do not let me fall after number 20 hahahah this would be the greatest christmas gift i can gift to my sister ever.

    happy holidays

  15. Being one of the twenty people would really be amazing, especially considering I love Jon thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much.

    He is like poetry to me, which is probably why I usually include an excerpt from a romantic literaure piece that has enamoured me, much like the way he does, in my posting comments.

    Merry Christmas Jon, Elena and everyone else! I hope your holidays are wonderfully filled with love and joy.

  16. Qué grande Jon. Ojalá tenga suerte y pueda disfrutar de ese magnifico regalo de Navidad como es la foto ;)

  17. :O! Es muy noble de su parte que haga este bonito detalle :). No quiero ser la #21!!!


  18. Zorionak Jon! Te felicito por tu éxito y perseverancia, estamos orgullos@s de tí!

    Feliz 2011 ;)

  19. si va con el nº de teléfono por detrás... mejor que mejor... ^^*

  20. Contad conmigo!

    (cruzo los dedos)

  21. Esta muy buena esta idea del concurso.... me encanta este modelo desearia conocerlo algun dia.... seria uno de los mejores regalos... :)

  22. Jon, you make me fly! It tastes so good!

  23. Merry Christmas Jon & Family, Merry Christmas Elena and the rest of team! Wish you also a sucessful but first and foremost healty 2011.

    Thanks for always keeping us up to date... :)

  24. Feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo Jon!! Espero que recibas tanta felicidad como la que me haría a mi ser una de los 20 ganadores.
    Eres una gran persona y por eso se que es poco probable ser una de los ganadores porque somos muchos los que apreciamos tu grandiosidad.

    Gracias por ser como eres y por favor no cambies nunca!! <3

  25. Feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo Jon!! Espero que recibas tanta felicidad como la que me haría a mi ser una de los 20 ganadores.
    Eres una gran persona y por eso se que es poco probable ser una de los ganadores porque somos muchos los que apreciamos tu grandiosidad.

    Gracias por ser como eres y por favor no cambies nunca!! <3

  26. I want his autograph!!!! U're the best Jon!

  27. purely beautiful. perfection in my eyes :)
    tu cara y corazon son bellos. eres mi "dream guy"...sueno de te

  28. yeah he's really nice.
    I really badly want his autograph!!
    if i got your autograph i'd be gifted asian!
    actually i want you in real but i can satisfied with your autograph

    ah i wish you spend happy christmas with your family and friends!

  29. Buen concurso!!
    Feliz Navidad y a ver si vienen Los Reyes con adelanto y me toca la foto a mi...jejeje, aunque yo creo que la tendría que esconder porque me la quitan en casa...

  30. Oh, this is lovely! Dream coming true.

  31. Niceeee... esto se lee bastante bueno... FELICES FIESTAS!

  32. a thing of beauty is a joy for ever
    its loveliness increases; it will never
    pass into nothingness; but still will keep
    a bower quiet for us, and a sleep
    full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing

    please please please, let me get what i want this time...

  33. Jon mandamela a mi que me casaria contigo hoy mismooo!:)

  34. AHHHH i totally just saw this and made a blog to get one.... no one has any idea how fucking obsessed with him i am. my entire facebook and tumblr is filled with pictures and videos of him ahhhhh omgggg omggggg

  35. like not even kidding i will do ANYTHINGGGGG!!!!!!! i am inlove with that man!!!!!! i will even go cam4 on your asses! yeah thats right! except for the small price of an autographed pic and possibly some of his donated sperm... hahaha totally kidding, but i dont want to sound like a little kid but FUCK I WILL SHOW TITS OR ANYTHING/SEND COOKIES KEEP IT PG ETC WHATEVER WHATEVER i love him i love him and i will love you all for forever!!!!! seriously!! im a psycho i know! but you will make me fucking cry seriously

  36. ya salió el resultado? os tocó a alguno?

  37. From the Administration:

    Here we go at last with the list of winners;

    Cervené rty
    Gabriele costanza
    Esau Hasket
    Ivan Margusino
    Dewa Nina
    Brigette burkhardt
    Ignacio Dominguez

    To get your signed photo you must send your data and ADDRESS to the following account;

    Should any of the winners renounce to their picture we will inmediately find another contestant.
    Thanks to you ALL for your amazing support. We will repeat this. For Sure!

    Credit: From the guestbook

  38. If some of them don´t like their picture... give it to me! :)

  39. Claire, check the guestbook!!! They announced new winners and there is also a "CLAIRE". Maybe this is you? ;)

  40. yes I am! hope they send me the photo :)


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